Should I Cut Back My Marketing Because of COVID-19?

Are You Considering Cutting back Your Digital Marketing Efforts Because of Coronavirus?

Times are tough, especially if you own a small business. Those who don’t plan properly may find themselves in a different line of work in 2021.

Tensions are high right now for everyone, we know. Business owner’s have never been more uncertain about what to do with their hard earned money, and about whether they should continue or cut off their digital marketing efforts.

Many Small Businesses Have Been Forced to Close Their Doors

The current worldwide pandemic has changed the economic landscape for all types of businesses, and it’s uncertain if we will ever return to normal pre-2020 conditions. Many small businesses were forced to close their doors and move on. For some, this was unavoidable. There was no chance of recovery or adaptation in certain industries. If you were in the travel or tourism sector, or had an eCommerce platform importing cheap products from China, your operation likely came to a halt so fast it gave you whiplash. But for the rest of us entrepreneurs – where there is adversity, there is opportunity.

The Benefits of Digital Marketing During COVID-19

Many of our clients and associates in the small business sector have asked us what to do with their business. With no way of knowing what the future holds, how do you know how to proceed in the present? Is there any point in marketing during a global pandemic? While this has undoubtedly been a shift for the worse, here are some positives to think about when it comes to online marketing:

  • Time Spent Online – People are bored in quarantine and killing time the best way they know how. Facebook and other major social media platforms and apps have reported user screen time increasing by over 20%! What does that mean for your business? More opportunity to reach your customers online!

  • Demand for Delivery – With everyone stuck in isolation, businesses that already had the ability to deliver or ship their products have boomed! Companies like Skip the Dishes and Amazon have reported unprecedented growth and revenue increases of over 25%! What does that mean for you? It’s time to adapt. Basic economics operates on supply and demand and suddenly there’s a huge demand for delivery, find a way to supply it.

  • Need for Safety – People are fearful of being infected, but they’re also not willing to give up their wants and needs. Adjust your marketing messages, website, and google maps listing to reflect your consideration for your client’s safety. Letting them know that you have hand sanitiser at the door and are allowing customers in the store by appointment only can help them feel better about using your service.

Major economic events, changes in geopolitical atmosphere, and shifts in technology will always pose threats to businesses that are stuck in their mold and unable to adapt. The first wave of the digital revolution has already come and gone. Multinational businesses around the globe have found a way to take their business online and make it profitable with digital marketing. If you didn’t catch the first wave, the good news is it looks like you’re just in time for the second one. You just have to decide for yourself.. do you want to be Blockbuster, or Netflix?

If you’re unsure about the future of your business and want to plan towards it’s longevity and growth, now is not the time to quit! When most businesses fall on uncertain financial times they tend to cut their marketing budget first. When you’re trying to stoke a fire, do you cut off it’s oxygen supply? No. If you’re ready to add some fuel to your company’s marketing efforts and look forward to the future, contact us for a free no-obligation consultation to talk about how to adapt your business and come out stronger in 2021.